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Best-seller – Universal Elevator Air Conditioner EXKT-25



Elevator Air Conditioner



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    • Commodity name: Best-seller – Universal Elevator Air Conditioner EXKT-25


     Snowkid® Best-seller – Universal Elevator Air Conditioner EXKT-25


    Model No. EXKT-25/D EXKT-25H/D
    Structure Type Integrated
    Climate Category T1
    Type of Protection against Electric Shock I
    Waterproof Grade IPX4
    Power Supply 220V~50Hz
    (Custom Service is offered for power supply, the delivery time is 60 days)
    Refrigerant R410A R410A
    Rated Cooling Capacity (W) 2500 2500
    Rated Cooling Input Power (W) 1000 1000
    Rated Cooling Input Current (A) 4.8 4.8
    PTC Heating Input Power (W) NA 1500
    PTC Heating Input Current (A) NA 6.8
    Air Circulation (m³/h) ≥300 ≥300
    Noise Level Inside Car (dB(A)) ≤52 ≤52
    Net Weight (KG) 38 38
    Dimension (LXWXH mm) 450X350X450 450X350X450
    Air Outlet Dimension (mm) ϕ150 ϕ150
    Air Inlet Dimension (mm) ϕ200 ϕ200
    for Elevator Rated Load (KG) ≤2000 ≤2000
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     Snowkid® Best-seller – Universal Elevator Air Conditioner EXKT-25


    Work indicator      The operation status of each functional module is indicated by LED indicators At a glance.
    Run Mode      Auto, cooling, heating and ventilation are available in four modes.
    Timer function      Every day, every week, and legal holidays at any time set up.
    Memory function      Accidental power failure, automatic memory, and instant recovery after power-on.
    RS485 communication function      There are two types of ladder control and centralized control model.
    Bluetooth connectivity      Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 is used, and the air conditioner controller is connected to the mobile APP via Bluetooth , the user can operate various functions of the air conditioner. Supports iOS and Android operating systems.
    Multiple protection functions

         (1) Water level monitoring protection; (2) Anti-freeze protection; (3) ) compressor delay protection; (4) car temperature sensor, tube coil temperature sensor fault protection;

         (5) Refrigerant leakage protection; (6) Circuit protection: overvoltage , undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection

    Purification and sterilization Features (Optional)      The purification methods include water ions, photohydrogen ions, and negative ions. When the upper camera is controlled, there are timing mode, ladder mode and deodorization mode to choose from.



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     Snowkid® Best-seller – Universal Elevator Air Conditioner EXKT-25


    1     WATER-FREE


    ●  The unique design of the air conditioning system minimizes the water output;

    ●  The national patent technology, water vaporization, invented by Nanjing Land effectively vaporizes the condense water inside the machine;

    ●  The additional protection design of the water treatment system effectively guarantees a water-free use condition.



    1     LOW NOISE


    ● Big brand compressors ensure the product quality;

    ● Vibration-absorbing and shockproof materials are used as cushion and partition, effectively reduces the system noise;

    ● Flexible materials that are adapt to the fast movements of elevator such as emergent stop are used, keeping the system noise in a low level.





    ● All SNOWKID® elevator air conditioner have been strictly controlled on the assembly line and inspected before leaving the factory;

    ● All models of SNOWKID® elevator AC have passed CCC product certification;

    ● Different from home-used air conditioner copied product, SNOWKID® elevator air conditioner is a new type industrial-purposed air conditioner specially designed and developed according to the actual operation conditions and specific features of the elevator. The professional design and strict production process ensure the reliable quality.


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